PocketGTT project start-up

You know, as soon as you come up with a new goal, a lot of ideas collect in your mind, and the best thing would be collect them and try to put them in order 🙂 and of course that is not what I did!

Just while you are doing you everyday life activities, a flash come to your mind and you have a great idea on how the user interface could look like, or may be on how the background of your program should store preferences… well write them down as soon as you can in order to avoid the risk to forget them 😉 and of course that is not what I did!
Today I would say that the best would have been: avoid to jump in development like a crazy horse, but collect all your ideas for a while, then organize them, and only afterwards, prepare a preliminary scheme to be used as basis for the program structure set-up.

Of course this scheme cannot be fixed. During the development phase you will encounter unexpected problems or difficulties, and, therefore, it is obvious that a strategy change is required. But this initial phase is mainly could be summarized into:

  • collect all needed information
  • define (from your ideas) what should be your target
  • plan how to implement it

As I told you before, this was my first experience, and I didn’t do anything of what I’m suggesting you to do! I tried afterwards to solve the mess and to put order… and it wasn’t easy.

Mainly I collapsed everything in 4 areas:

  • The User Interface
  • Download and parse data to be displayed
  • A preferred stop list for an easy recall
  • Show the position of the selected stop on a map

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